How to Change Your Brake Pads and Rotors

By determining whether the brake job is for two wheels or four will also determine whether you’ll jack the front, rear, or both ends of the vehicle. If you have an impact gun to remove the lug nuts from the wheels, you can proceed with the jacking. If you have to remove the lug nuts using a crowbar, you should loosen them just a little (breaking the seize) while the wheels are on the ground. Once the wheels are in the air, they may turn freely, which will make removing the lug nuts very difficult, if not impossible. Safely jack the vehicle and then support it on jack stands. Never perform work while a vehicle is only supported by a jack. Jacks fail and you may be putting your life in danger.

Once a wheel is removed, remove the anti-rattle clip (if applicable) by prying it and sliding it out with a large screwdriver. Next, let’s remove the brake caliper. For the front wheels, it may be necessary to turn the steering completely either to the right or to the left to access the caliper guide bolts. Typically, they are on the back side of the caliper. The caliper guide bolts may have dust caps. These will be made of rubber or plastic. Use a small screwdriver to pry them out. Once the caps are removed, the bolt heads will be exposed. If you have any concerns pertaining to in which and how to use, you can get in touch with us at our web site.

Using your ratchet and the appropriate socket or Allen bit, remove the 2 bolts. Grasp the caliper and pull it away from the rotor. You may need to use a large screwdriver to pry it loose. Remove the two brake pads from the caliper, prying if necessary. One brake pad may be attached to the caliper piston by a clip. Loosen the clip and the pad will fall out. If your vehicle is equipped with brake pad sensor wires, carefully remove the wire from the pad. The sensor wire will be on one pad of either the right or left wheel. Make note of which wheel has the wire.

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